splitxyz issues

Added by Stine over 2 years ago


I am in the process of converting to GMT5 and have currently GMT 5.2.1 installed

I have encountered an issue with the splitxyz function.
I would like to split the input file (mask.dat - XY data only) if there are data gaps larger than a distance of 2.
The function is not making the right file naming.

What am I doing wrong with this splitxyz command:

gmt splitxyz mask.dat -gd2 -C360 -Ntmp%03d.txt

In this case mask.dat do not have any gaps. The output file I get is tmp%03d.txt, and not tmp000.txt as I would expect.
In this case I could of course omit the -N and use the standard output, but this would not work for me if my input file had gaps.

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RE: splitxyz issues - Added by Joaquim over 2 years ago

Yes, I'm afraid this is a bug.