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Added by Roberto over 1 year ago

Hello everybody,
sorry for the trivial question. I tried to search both on this forum and on the web but I cannot find a download site for supplementary packages anywhere. In particular I need to install psmeca package.
Thank you in advance

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RE: Supplementary packages - Added by Peter over 1 year ago

Hi Roberto

The supplementary packages should be automatically installed along with GMT.

I think (corrections here if I'm wrong please) the naming, simply is to indicate that these packages where not developed by the main authors of the GMT utilities but rather contributed by others.


RE: Supplementary packages - Added by Roberto over 1 year ago

Thanks for your reply Peter. I've installed GMT deb packages on linux Mint (v. 5.2.1) but I cannot find psmeca (nor other supplemental packages except for gshhg) within.


RE: Supplementary packages - Added by Joaquim over 1 year ago

Very strange. It takes special measures to NOT build the supplements.
What's the result of typing?

gmt psmeca

RE: Supplementary packages - Added by Roberto over 1 year ago

roberto@vingilot ~ $ gmt psmeca

GMT - The Generic Mapping Tools, Version 5.2.1 (r15220) [64-bit] [MP] [4 cores]
(c) 1991-2015 Paul Wessel, Walter H. F. Smith, R. Scharroo, J. Luis, and F. Wobbe


ERROR: No module named psmeca was found. This could mean one of three things:
1. There actually is no such module; check your spelling.
2. Module exists in the GMT supplemental library, but the library could not be found.
3. Module exists in a GMT custom library, but none was specified via GMT_CUSTOM_LIBS.
Shared libraries must be in standard system paths or set via environmental parameter LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

It seems that the .deb packages were specifically prepared without supplemental GMT packages (the same for ubuntugis repository). I'm trying to understand why but in the meantime I'm going to compile GMT from sources.

Thank you very much for the support