Wind Barbs representation

Added by joaquim 6 days ago


I know this subject has appeared time to time, but I'd like to ask if someone has any script to plot wind field as wind barbs using GMT.

I'd like to comment also, I found this very interesting initiative (quite old):

Unfortunately there is no patch to GMT version >= 5. I am a GMT 5.3.3 user. I tried to enter in contact with the owner of the site but without answer. What is a shame, wind barbs representation seems to be a nice addition to GMT.

Thanks for all ...


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RE: Wind Barbs representation - Added by Paul 6 days ago

Windbars are solved using a custom symbol. Here is an example from Tim Hume. You can make it fancier if you want to.

windbarb.def - Custom symbol for windbarb (1.77 KB) Magnifier - Test script (590 Bytes)

windbarb.pdf - Result of test script (43.8 KB)

RE: Wind Barbs representation - Added by joaquim 4 days ago

Hi Paul.

Thanks for your replay and files. I was looking for the Hume's files. I read his old message in a forum (2004, I guess), but could not find the files.
The custom symbols work perfect to me.

Thanks again.

the very best.