No GSHHG databases available

Added by aline 3 months ago

Dear all,

I actually face a problem by using pscoast. The coastlines seem to be unavailable and I get the following error message :

pscoast: GSHHG version 2.2.0 or newer is needed to use coastlines with GMT.
Get and install GSHHG from
pscoast: Could not find file [GSHHG intermediate resolution political boundaries]
pscoast: No GSHHG databases available - must abort

GMT 4 and GMT 5 are installed on the server I use, and the error appeared for both of them.
What is wrong in my current configuration ?
Is there an error done during the installation ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

NB : I already checked the environment variable DIR_GSHHG, which seems to be well configured :

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RE: No GSHHG databases available - Added by Paul 3 months ago

If you do ls /soft/x86_64/gcc_6.3.0/gmt_4.5.16/gshhg, are the files there? perhaps somebody moved them.