pslegend specfile column-wise

Added by Jed 7 months ago

Dear GMT-gurus,

(using GMT 6.0.0_r19295 on mac).

I have notice that when preparing a specfile for use with pslegend in a two- or more-column layout, the plotting information (symbols and labels) has to be provided in a row-wise manner, i.e., I provide a symbol and label for the first row of the legend, across all of the columns, then the second row, and so forth.

I have found that generally I organize my legend information in columns rather than rows, e.g., with a column header and then legend items below. Having to specify the material row-wise makes the specfile hard to construct and is counterintuitive when reading it. As an example, consider the attached plotting script, specfile, and PDF output.

What I would like to do is provide a single column's worth of items to plot, and then a "column break" to advance to the top of the next column. Is anyone aware of a way to make pslegend interpret a specfile in this manner?

Many thanks in advance,


landuse_legend_v2.gmt - plotting script (297 Bytes)

landuse_legend_v2.pdf - example output (9.33 KB)

landuse_legend_v2.specfile - specfile (2.34 KB)