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Added by Jed 10 months ago

Dear GMT-gurus,

(using GMT 6.0.0_r19295 on mac).

I have notice that when preparing a specfile for use with pslegend in a two- or more-column layout, the plotting information (symbols and labels) has to be provided in a row-wise manner, i.e., I provide a symbol and label for the first row of the legend, across all of the columns, then the second row, and so forth.

I have found that generally I organize my legend information in columns rather than rows, e.g., with a column header and then legend items below. Having to specify the material row-wise makes the specfile hard to construct and is counterintuitive when reading it. As an example, consider the attached plotting script, specfile, and PDF output.

What I would like to do is provide a single column's worth of items to plot, and then a "column break" to advance to the top of the next column. Is anyone aware of a way to make pslegend interpret a specfile in this manner?

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landuse_legend_v2.gmt - plotting script (297 Bytes)

landuse_legend_v2.pdf - example output (9.33 KB)

landuse_legend_v2.specfile - specfile (2.34 KB)

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RE: pslegend specfile column-wise - Added by Paul 3 months ago

Clearing up old mail and found this old issue. Sorry, doing as you suggest you require a rewrite of how legend works. And what is counterintuitive is in the eye of the beholder. If you do lots of these then perhaps easier for you to handle your organization outside of the specfile and build that only when needed.