Added by Miguel 7 months ago

I am trying to plot the ≤ symbol with pstext.
I can see that its code is \243 in the Symbol PS_CHAR_ENCODING.
The problem is that I cant change PS_CHAR_ENCODING to Symbol.
Also in the manuals online there are references to some appendix F that I am not able to find.
Thanks for the help

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RE: PS_CHAR_ENCODING - Added by Federico 7 months ago

I think that the appendix F is:

You must use the GMT font number 12 (for Symbol).

RE: PS_CHAR_ENCODING - Added by Paul 7 months ago

Symbol is a font, not a character encoding set. To use the occational symbol character in text, just use ~ to temporarily switch to SYmbol, then ~ to unswitch. E.g.

3.5 @~\243@~ 2.5