shp to gmt

Added by rose 4 months ago

I have a problem with save as GMT in Qgis, I tried another option to save shapefile as gmt but it does not.

gmt ogr2ogr -f "OGR_GMT" zone.gmt zone.shp

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RE: shp to gmt - Added by Andreas 4 months ago

Dont think QGIS offers to save vector as GMT anymore. Very unfortunate. Dont know why. Your ogr2ogr command is right, but there is no gmt prefix - ogr2ogr is part of gdal - not gmt. Depending on your version of ogr2ogr you also may want to change format to "GMT"


ogr2ogr -f "OGR_GMT" zone.gmt zone.shp


ogr2ogr -f "GMT" zone.gmt zone.shp

And while you're at it, why not specify the srs? -a_srs EPSG:<nnnn>. It never hurts.