shp to gmt

Added by rose 10 months ago

I have a problem with save as GMT in Qgis, I tried another option to save shapefile as gmt but it does not.

gmt ogr2ogr -f "OGR_GMT" zone.gmt zone.shp

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RE: shp to gmt - Added by Andreas 10 months ago

Dont think QGIS offers to save vector as GMT anymore. Very unfortunate. Dont know why. Your ogr2ogr command is right, but there is no gmt prefix - ogr2ogr is part of gdal - not gmt. Depending on your version of ogr2ogr you also may want to change format to "GMT"


ogr2ogr -f "OGR_GMT" zone.gmt zone.shp


ogr2ogr -f "GMT" zone.gmt zone.shp

And while you're at it, why not specify the srs? -a_srs EPSG:<nnnn>. It never hurts.