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I have a serious problem, I use mapproject convert my data in utm for example I choose utmzone 34w but I need to open this in Qgis and probelm is that I need to plot in utm not geoghraphic and in Qgis there is nothing related zone 34W just N/S, please let me know How I should fix it.

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RE: mapproject - Added by Paul over 1 year ago

It is unclear what you need. YOU say you have data in UTM. You can use map project to convert to lon/lat and then you can convert that to shape file via ogr2ogr which QGIS can read.

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No I have data in lat/lon and use mapproject with 34W (utmsuzone) to convert in utm based on image in gmt toturial but the problem is that my area is located in utmzone33N (wgs84) ( north of equator) and when I open this file in matlab it shows utmzone 34W, and I need to open in qgis in utm not latlong. I am not sure if I should choose 34W in mapproject.