plot line with different color

Added by rose 10 months ago

please let me know how to plot a set of lines with different colors.

this is what I used but need to change color for each line.

gmt psbasemap -Bxa1pf3g10 -Bya1pf3g9 -R -J -K -P > $OUTPUTFILE
for Site in $(ls $textfile)
awk '{ if (NR>35) { print $1}}' $Site | gmt psxy -R -J -O -K -Sc0.05c,blue -P -V >> $OUTPUTFILE

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RE: plot line with different color - Added by Joaquim 9 months ago

The advise now is to repeat the questions in the new forum, but regarding this one, please see option -W of psxy/plot

-W[pen][attr] (more …)
Set pen attributes for lines or the outline of symbols [Defaults: width = default, color = black, style = solid].
If the modifier +cl is appended then the color of the line are taken from the CPT (see -C). ...