Remove labels from gmt2kml

Added by Joaquín almost 2 years ago

Hi there:

I'm trying to generate a kml from a very simple file of lon lat points using the gmt2kml and I can't remove the text labels from the points. I tried with GMT 5.4.4 and GMT6 with the following commands:

gmt 2kml test.csv -Gred+f -G+n -Fs > mypoints.kml

gmt gmt2kml test.csv -Gfred -Gn- -Fs > mypoints.kml

(it's the example in the documentation plus the -G option to remove labels).

I can change the color of the label but when I use remove labels it does not work and the label is shown in the google earth.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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RE: Remove labels from gmt2kml - Added by Joaquim almost 2 years ago

Yes, this looks like a bug but please open an issue in the Github page or post in the new Forum.
Things here will be forgotten as this place will be closed soon.