grdimage projection and region puzzle

Added by John 10 months ago


Can anyone tell me what grdimage is unhappy about and how to fix? I've previously tried adding +ue to the REGION parameter but that didn't seem to help. I assume that means meters but I can't find it in the doc.


+ gmt grdinfo USGS-Seamless-SouthernCA/level1/ Title: Produced by grdcut Command: grdcut -R467924/477870/3653441/3662494 Remark: Gridline node registration used [Cartesian grid] Grid file format: nf = GMT netCDF format (32-bit float), CF-1.7 x_min: 467925 x_max: 477870 x_inc: 3 name: n_columns: 3316 y_min: 3653442 y_max: 3662493 y_inc: 3 name: n_rows: 3018 z_min: -40.145149231 z_max: 140.042678833 name: z scale_factor: 1 add_offset: 0 format: netCDF-4 chunk_size: 133,132 shuffle: on deflation_level: 3

gmt grdimage -JU11/12c -R467924/477870/3653441/3662494 -Csurface.cpt -K
grdimage [ERROR]: For a UTM or TM projection, your region 467924/477870/3653441/3662494 is too large to be in degrees and thus assumed to be in meters
grdimage [ERROR]: UTM projection insufficiently specified to auto-determine geographic region
grdimage [ERROR]: Syntax error -R option. Correct syntax:
Append r if giving lower left and upper right coordinates
-Rg or -Rd for global domain
-R<grdfile> to take the domain from a grid file
grdimage [ERROR]: Offending option -R467924/477870/3653441/3662494

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RE: grdimage projection and region puzzle - Added by John 10 months ago

Found the same issue in older forum replies. Paul responded and I now remember this problem. I can proceed.