gpsgridder -N option

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Dear All,

I run the provided example
I would like to make strain-rate map as on Figure 3 of article

I try to run gpsgridder based on (from gpsgridder_tests.tar) with additional commands:

*% Creating ASCII nodefile using command
awk '{print $1, $2}' tmp_u.txt > nodes.txt

gmt gpsgridder -Nnodes.txt -Gss_new.out blk.lluv -fg -Vl -Fd8 -Cn700+eigen.txt -S0.5

It's not clear what is the output. "the resulting w values are appended to each record and written to the file given in -G" (as notice in Man Pages).

How to get the max shear strain from gpsgridder output to make strain-rate map?

Attachments are gpsgridder -N output and ss_new.out mapped.


ss_new.out (7.21 MB) (392 KB)

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RE: gpsgridder -N option - Added by Paul over 1 year ago

All subscriber to the old wiki forums were emailed some months ago to use the GitHub issue tracker at and to post any general questions to the new We are unable to monitor multiple (an deprecated) forums.
I believe the output string rates are appended as the last two columns in your output file.