Date axes formatting

Added by Darrell 3 months ago

Hi All,

I'm trying to plot time series data and struggling to format the axes correctly in GMT6

This gives me what I want for X:

gmt set FORMAT_DATE_IN = dd/mm/yyyy

gmt set FORMAT_DATE_MAP = o

psbasemap -R2019-11-20T/2019-12-17T/-0.5/0.5 -JX15T/5 -Bpa1Rf -Bsa1OS -P >

And this works for Y and the X-primary axes:

psbasemap -R2019-11-20T/2019-12-17T/-0.5/0.5 -JX15T/5 -Bxa1Rf -Bya0.1 -P >

Problem is when I try to combine the x,y (-Bx) and primary, secondary (-Bp) options when plotting with psxy I get errors like:

psxy [ERROR]: Bad interval in -B option (x-component, a-info): p gave interval = 0
Syntax error -B option: Mixing of GMT 4 and 5 level syntax is not possible

The manual suggests that I should be able to combine the p,s and x,y,z options:


Thanks for any help!

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Please post on the GMT forum at instead.