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Hi, Could you please tell me how I should use PS_CHAR_ENCODING? The entry in the manual really confuses me. I've tried the following which spits out the error "Error: /undefined in ISO-8859-1_Encoding".

echo '10 10 Magnitude 6 or greater earthquakes' | gmt pstext -J$proj -R$range \
-F+a0+f12p,Bookman-Demi,white+jLT -G0/0/0 -TO -P -O -V -K >> $outps

Having an example in the would really help.

Also, a hyperlink to Appendix F in the following description is needed as I don't know where Appendix F is.

(static) Names the eight bit character set being used for text in files and in command line parameters. This allows GMT to ensure that the PostScript output generates the correct characters on the plot. Choose from Standard, Standard+, ISOLatin1, ISOLatin1+, and ISO-8859-x (where x is in the ranges [1,10] or [13,15]). See Appendix F for details [ISOLatin1+ (or Standard+)]. Note: Normally the character set is written as part of the PostScript header. If you need to switch to another character set for a later overlay then you must use --PS_CHAR_ENCODING=encoding on the command line and not via gmt set.


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Please post on the GMT forum at instead.