Running GMT 6.1.1 on Cygwin throws run-time error at startup

Added by Carl 25 days ago

GMT 6.1.1 compiled and was built without any difficulties.

However when I try to run a program I get the following error message:

$ gmt
gmt [ERROR]: Failure while loading core GMT shared library: No such file or directory

This message is generated more or less first thing when the program starts. It would be good to know what it is not finding.
gmt-config also generates the same error message (4 times) before printing the usage maessage.

The PATH has been set using gmtswitch and points to the correct bin folder as evident by the presence of libgmt-6.dll (see below).

Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated.

I know I can run this on Linux, but GMT 6 is presently not installed on our server. I use Cygwin for a pile of other stuff, so I would prefer not to switch platforms on the PC.

$ echo $PATH
.:/home/cff/this_gmt/bin:/home/cff/SeisUnix/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin: etc.

$ ls /home/cff/this_gmt/bin
backtracker gmtlogo grdedit grdsample mgd77list psmask sphdistance
batch gmtmath grdfft grdseamount mgd77magref psmeca sphinterpolate
blockmean gmtpmodeler grdfill grdspotter mgd77manage pspolar sphtriangulate
blockmedian gmtregress grdfilter grdtrack mgd77path psrose splitxyz
blockmode gmtselect grdflexure grdtrend mgd77sniffer pssac surface
dimfilter gmtset grdgdal grdvector mgd77track psscale talwani2d
docs gmtsimplify grdgradient grdview movie pssegy talwani3d
earthtide gmtspatial grdgravmag3d grdvolume nearneighbor pssegyz trend1d
filter1d gmtswitch grdhisteq greenspline originater pssolar trend2d
fitcircle gmtvector grdimage gshhg polespotter psternary triangulate
gmt.exe gmtwhich grdinfo hotspotter project pstext x2sys_binlist gpsgridder grdinterpolate img2grd psbasemap psvelo x2sys_cross
gmt2kml gravfft grdlandmask isogmt psclip pswiggle x2sys_datalist
gmt-config grd2cpt grdmask kml2gmt pscoast psxy x2sys_get
gmtconnect grd2kml grdmath libgmt-6.dll pscontour psxyz x2sys_init
gmtconvert grd2xyz grdmix libpostscriptlight-6.dll psconvert rotconverter x2sys_list
gmtdefaults grdblend grdpaste makecpt pscoupe rotsmoother x2sys_merge
gmtflexure grdclip grdpmodeler mapproject psevents sample1d x2sys_put
gmtget grdcontour grdproject mgd77convert pshistogram segy2grd x2sys_report
gmtgravmag3d grdconvert grdredpol mgd77header psimage spectrum1d x2sys_solve
gmtinfo grdcut grdrotater mgd77info pslegend sph2grd xyz2grd

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RE: Running GMT 6.1.1 on Cygwin throws run-time error at startup - Added by Paul 24 days ago

Since all people with accounts on this system was told a year about that it is deprecated and no longer carefully monitored, you are better off posting this on our GitHug site since that will be read by developers:
All ways to GMT goes from to forum, git, docs, etc. Please copy/paste your issue into a new GitHub issue.