GMT grdimage output smaller

Added by Caleb 9 months ago

Happy New Year!!!

I'm sorry if this has already been asked.

When I ran gmt grdimage, sometimes, the plot looks ok (image is centered). At other times, the plot covers a small portion of the page usually the bottom-center.

I was wondering if there might be something in my code that's causing this?

Is there way to specify the position and size of the plot on the page?

velocity3.jpg - output of gmt grdimage (703 KB)

plot_LOS.csh Magnifier - gmt_grdimage (634 Bytes)

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RE: GMT grdimage output smaller - Added by Kristof 9 months ago

Hi Caleb,

happy new year to you as well.

Please head over to the "new" forum where everything has moved to about a year ago:

Please ask your question in the Q&A section again as this website is deprecated. Don't worry - still the same friendly people over there.