Fill the bars by using .cpt file

Added by Ceyhun 8 months ago

Hello all,

I would like to fill the bars according to azimuth. I used the following commands and I had

--gmt makecpt -T0/180/1 -Cjet > angle.cpt
--cat $inputfile | awk '{print $14,$13,$9,$11}' | gmt psxy -R -JM -SVb0.01/0.001/0.001 -W0.5 -O -K -V -Cangle.cpt >> $ps

In inputfile;
14. column: Longitude
13. column: Latitude
9. column: azimuth
11. column: length

I would like to plot the colored bars according to their azimuths (9th column of the data)

Do you have any suggestions to plot this type of map?

Thank you!!

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