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Let pstext support -i option

Added by Dongdong over 1 year ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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-i option is very useful when users want to select which columns to read.
psxy, xyz2grd and most table data related modules support this option.

However, -i option can NOT be used in pstext. Is it a missing feature?


#1 Updated by Joaquim over 1 year ago

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Hmm, some mixed info. The pstext synopsis lists -i but it's actually not implemented.
Please try this to see if it works well, change pstext line L36



#define GMT_PROG_OPTIONS "-:>BJKOPRUVXYacfhiptxy" GMT_OPT("E")

#2 Updated by Dongdong over 1 year ago

Changing pstext L36 does not working.

echo TEXT 1 4 | /opt/GMT5-dev/bin/gmt pstext -JX10c/10c -R0/5/0/5 -Baf -i1,2,0 > test.ps
pstext: Record 0 had bad x coordinate, skipped)

#3 Updated by Paul over 1 year ago

pstxt is reading text records so it cannot (easily) handle -i without some special processing.

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I will close this as not feasible since the text can be many words.

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