Bug #1014

Title parsing in psconvert -W+t"title" fails if title contains a + sign

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Subject says it all. Need to protect plus signs inside this string from being used as token separator. See how this is done in other places.

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Revision 17519
Added by Paul about 2 years ago

Fix issue #1014

Revision 18284
Added by Paul almost 2 years ago

Fix issue #1014


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Fixed in r18284. Because string arguments in quotes to +t etc are stripped by the shell there are no quotes to parse inside GMT. If your string or document name or folder name contains a plus symbol followed by a letter other than space you have three ways to handle this:

  1. Escape the plus sign with a backslash.
  2. Places double quotes around the name or title and then single quotes around the entire argument to -W.
  3. Same, but exchange the single and double quotes.

GMT parsing will handle these cases and strip off any remaining quotes around the entire title or name.

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