Bug #1034

r17434 broke x2sys_datalist

Added by Joaquim about 1 year ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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x2sys_datalist -TMGD77+ -Flon,lat,cm4_dc =tracks_list.txt -Iignore.txt -S -R-100/25/64/90 | gmtconvert -bo3f > anom_cm4.dat
x2sys_datalist: Syntax error: Bad file format (0) selected!

This happens be cause now

#define MGD77_FORMAT_CDF    0
#define MGD77_FORMAT_M77 2

and in x2sys_read_mgd77ncfile()

MC.format  = MGD77_FORMAT_CDF;        /* Set input file's format to netCDF /
MGD77_Select_Format (GMT, MC.format); /
Only allow the specified MGD77 input format */

but in MGD77_Select_Format()

if (format >= MGD77_FORMAT_M77 && format ⇐ MGD77_FORMAT_TBL) {
MGD77_format_allowed[MGD77_FORMAT_M77] = false;
MGD77_format_allowed[MGD77_FORMAT_CDF] = false;
MGD77_format_allowed[MGD77_FORMAT_TBL] = false;
MGD77_format_allowed[MGD77_FORMAT_M7T] = false;
MGD77_format_allowed[format] = true;
else {
GMT_Report (GMT→parent, GMT_MSG_NORMAL, "Syntax error: Bad file format (%d) selected!\n", format);

Will revert this change. If there still a reason to modify those #defines it has to be done taking this case in account.


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Fixed in r17461

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Unfortunately the above was not all. It now says

x2sys_datalist: Reading track 00bigset
x2sys_datalist: Error: File has suffix (nc) that is set to be ignored!

#3 Updated by Joaquim about 1 year ago

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Fixed in r17463

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