Bug #1039

x2sys_binlist error with mgd77+ format

Added by Mike over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:2017-02-06
Priority:NormalDue date:
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Target version:Candidate for next bugfix release
Affected version:5.x-svn Platform:Mac OS X


Hi GMT team,

In trying to build an mgd77+ trackline database in x2sys, I find that it works with the mgd77 dat format, but crashes with the mgd77+ format.

Here's the C-Shell syntax I'm using for dat format followed by the mgd77+ format:

set TESTmgd77="/data/MGG/TEST/MGD77"

x2sys_init TEST -D${GMT_SOURCE_DIR}/share/x2sys/dat -Edat -F -Gd -Rd -Cg
set here=`pwd`
cd $TESTmgd77/
ls *.dat >! $X2SYS_HOME/TEST/TEST.lst
echo ${TESTmgd77} >> TEST_paths.txt
x2sys_binlist -TTEST `cat TEST.lst` -V >! TEST.tbf
x2sys_put TEST.tbf -TTEST -V

x2sys_init TEST+ -D${GMT_SOURCE_DIR}/share/x2sys/mgd77+ -Enc -F -Gd -Rd -Cg
set here=`pwd`
cd ${TESTmgd77}+/
ls *.nc >! $X2SYS_HOME/TEST+/TEST.lst
echo ${TESTmgd77}+ >> TEST+_paths.txt
x2sys_binlist -TTEST+ `cat TEST.lst` -V >! TEST.tbf
x2sys_put TEST.tbf -TTEST+ -V

Here're the error messages:
x2sys_binlist: Reading file test1 x2sys_binlist: Syntax error: Bad file format (0) selected!
x2sys_put TEST.tbf -TTEST+ -V
x2sys_put: Read error in 2nd line of track binindex file

I'm running GMT 5.4.0_r17520

Not urgent, I can use the dat format x2sys database for the time being...


#1 Updated by Joaquim over 4 years ago

Hmm, I can't spot where the error comes from but I do have my database in mgd77+ and updated it recently with no problems. Well, there a 'little' crash in x2sys_put (I think) but it happens only at the end when the files where already updated and I think it crashes only on Windows (because it's pickier in terms of memory violations)

#2 Updated by Mike over 4 years ago

My crash occurs at the beginning. binlist seemingly can't recognize the file format. I checked my home grown mgd77 tab files more closely, and the converted mgd77+ files - they seem to be fine. There aren't any errors reported by mgd77convert, mgd77sniffer, or mgd77list, plus the mgd77+ files open in ncbrowse. Data are seemingly passing through just fine. If the files are fine and there's no bug, there's likely an issue with my script. Hope to figure it out soon.

Thanks for the feedback!

#3 Updated by Paul over 4 years ago

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Now fixed in r17590.

#4 Updated by Joaquim over 4 years ago

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