Feature #1123

Bounding box polygon with gmtinfo

Added by Andreas about 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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grdinfo -Ib <grid>

is a great way of making a grid(s) bounding box polygon. Would the exact same thing be possible to implement in gmtinfo?

gmtinfoib.pdf (181 KB) Andreas, 2017-07-02 01:31

gmtinfoib.sh Magnifier (391 Bytes) Andreas, 2017-07-02 01:31

faults.gmt (1.46 MB) Andreas, 2017-07-02 01:32


#1 Updated by Paul about 4 years ago

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Yes, maybe later this week.

#2 Updated by Paul about 4 years ago

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Should be working in r18467.

#3 Updated by Andreas about 4 years ago

Great Paul.

I've tested it with r18505, and the southern boundary line seems to be a bit off? Included an example in mercator and stereographic projection.

#4 Updated by Anonymous almost 4 years ago

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#5 Updated by Paul almost 4 years ago

Sorry this took so long to respond to. You should use -Ap when plotting this box, otherwise it will draw great circle lines as you indicated.

#6 Updated by Paul almost 4 years ago

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Believe this is working as intended. Updated the documentation to point out the need for -Ap when plotting this polygon with psxy. Closing the issue.

#7 Updated by Andreas almost 4 years ago

Did not specify -Ap as you pointed out.

Works perfectly!

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