Bug #1130

inserting a title in psbasemap

Added by Negin 8 months ago.

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Dear Support team,

I'm using GMT 5.5.1 and I want to set a title for a map using psbasemap.
According to the online documentation, it should be -B+t"Title"; however using this part of command does not work for me giving the following error:
Syntax error -B option. Correct syntax:

][+u<unit>] -B[<axes>][+b][+g<fill>][+o<lon>/<lat>][+t<title>] OR
    -B[p|s][x|y|z][a|f|g]<tick>[m][l|p] -B[p|s][x|y|z][+l<label>][+p<prefix>][+u<unit>] -B[<axes>][+b][+g<fill>][+o<lon>/<lat>][+t<title>]
psbasemap: Offending option +tSalinity measurements

Would you mind to let me know what should I change based on my version?

Thanks and Regards,

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