Bug #1157

A probem about the snaphu

Added by Ping about 2 years ago.

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Hi Xiaohua,
I update my gmtsar version.
When I run it with the SAR data (The SAR data cover the 2017 M7.6 Melinka earthquake, Chile (Melgar et al., 2017, EPSL), where the land is separated by the sea.), there meets a problem about the snaphu command.
Is the number of the node too big?
Could you help me? Thanks!

snaphu v1.4.2
32 parameters input from file /data1/phe/software/GMT5SAR/share/gmtsar/snaphu/config/snaphu.conf.brief (297 lines total)
Reading wrapped phase from file phase.in
No weight file specified. Assuming uniform weights
Reading correlation data from file corr.in
Calculating smooth-solution cost parameters
Building range cost arrays
Building azimuth cost arrays
Initializing flows with MST algorithm
Running approximate minimum spanning tree solver
Running nonlinear network flow optimizer
Maximum flow on network: 21
Number of nodes in network: 279183946
Flow increment: 1 (Total improvements: 0)
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
xyz2grd: Error for input file: No such file (unwrap.out)
grdmath: Syntax error: tmp.grd is not a number, operator or file name
mv: cannot stat 'tmp.grd': No such file or directory

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