Bug #1177

JZ has no effect with JO

Added by Viktor almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:2017-12-18
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Target version:Candidate for next bugfix release
Affected version:6.x-svn Platform:


When using oblique Mercator, 3D points plotted with psxyz are all at z=0.

Below is a sample that draws a box around the edge of the region and then the line goes to the centre from the bottom left.

Expected outcome is that the final line does not go exactly to the centre of the region but changes depending on what -Jz is set to.

Tested on revision 19508.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
gmt psxyz -JOA172.037268937/-43.590911863/77.7384168395/20 -R171.553/-44.1059/172.514/-43.0739r -p180/45 -Jz-0.1 << END > test.ps
171.30838013 -43.26358414 0
172.51367188 -43.0739212 0
172.77407837 -43.91355896 0
171.55262756 -44.10588837 0
171.30838013 -43.26358414 0
172.037268937 -43.590911863 10
gmt psconvert test.ps


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Should be fixed in r19515. I have added a test to prevent this from reoccuring.

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Closed as fixed.

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