Bug #1226

psxy with -Sq ignores the font outline attributes for curved text

Added by Michael 6 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

Status:In ProgressStart date:2018-03-26
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Target version:Candidate for next minor release
Affected version:6.x-svn Platform:


This is exactly same as #1204, but for curved text.

echo "0.5 0.8 Outlined text" | gmt pstext -JX12c -Xa1c -Ya1c -R0/1/0/1 -F+f40p,Times-Bold,red=1p,blue -Bswne -Bxy0.5 -P -K >test.ps # Outlines ok
echo "0 0.6
1 0.6" | gmt psxy -JX12c -Xa1c -Ya1c -R0/1/0/1 -Sqn1:+v+l"Not outlined text"+f40p,Times-Bold,red=1p,blue -P -O -K >>test.ps # No outlines

echo "0.5 0.4 Correct outline" | gmt pstext -JX12c -Xa1c -Ya1c -R0/1/0/1 -F+f40p,Times-Bold,green=~2p,black -Bswne -Bxy0.5 -P -O -K >>test.ps
echo "0 0.2
1 0.2" | gmt psxy -JX12c -Xa1c -Ya1c -R0/1/0/1 -Sqn1:+l"Incorrect outline"+f40p,Times-Bold,green=~2p,black -P -O >>test.ps

Also, -Sq ignores the =~ operation. Of course, it is still not documented, but, nevertheless...


test.ps (24.4 KB) Michael, 2018-03-26 17:20


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I have fixed the "Incorrect outline" case for quoted lines. It had a different sequence of fill and stroke than what pstext did. That example now works. The curved text is a different beast and wil work on that next. In r20190.

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