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plot of polygon fill using psxy

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Affected version:5.4.2 Platform:Linux


Dear GMT user,
since last a week i am getting trouble while filling the colour using psxy.
I have multisegment file and as per manual i tried to plot it but its give only outline of polygon without fill.
i am using below script for making cpt file
makecpt -Crainbow -T1/100/0.1 -Z > phi.cpt
and script of psxy is as below
psxy MODL.phi -R${range} -J${projection} -Cphi.cpt -L -O -K -V >> ${psfile}
i am getting follwoing error
psxy: Processing input table data
psscale: Processing input CPT table
psscale: CPT range from 1 to 100
PSL: Too many colors to make colormap - using 24-bit direct color instead.
PSL: DEFLATE compressed 3543 to 1155 bytes (67.4% savings at compression level 5)
pscoast: GSHHG version 2.3.4
Derived from World Vector Shoreline, CIA WDB-II, and Atlas of the Cryosphere
Processed by Paul Wessel and Walter H. F. Smith, 1994-2014
pscoast: Working on bin # 29797
pscoast: Done
i have already try to take help from earlier solution of from GMT forum but their suggestion also does not help.
pl help me to plot the map using psxy polygon


#1 Updated by Joaquim 5 months ago

Like have been said before, this place is deprecated and post made here probably ignored.
Recommendation is the new forum and update to GMT6. Version 5.4.2 is several years old.

#2 Updated by Paul 5 months ago

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At any rate, no error is produced, just a warning.
Closing this issue as posted to the wrong website.

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