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pstext -D[j|J]dx[/dy][v[pen]] read from data file

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from time to time I need a slightly different offset to some text and this implies several calls to pstext. It should be nice to specify the offset in the data file.


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Eduardo, I think in email you also mentioned that you would like to have a [/dz] option as well, for vertical offsets when -p is in effect. That would mean 2 or 3 extra items to read from file (if we were to implement this). Is that correct?

#2 Updated by Anonymous about 7 years ago

Hi Paul, yes, for example, when you do topographic maps with perspective and want to label something, you need to move the label vertically to make it more readable.

I was thinking, and I do not know if it would be too confusing to add a new column in the data file, maybe you could use a multi segment file and include the information on the parameter -D in the line that separates the segments.

After using the new parameter -F I think it's a good idea to try to condense the information and not have N columns in the data file.

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