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pstext: ability to rotate the text string around X and Y axes when making a plot with a perspective view.

Added by Anonymous almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

Status:FeedbackStart date:2012-10-25
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Currently the angle which is given as parameter (-F+a) only allows the text string to be rotated around the Z axis. It would be useful to be able to rotate it around the X and Y axes to facilitate the its location and readability when making a plot with a perspective view.

In the graph attached I've tried to demonstrate it. In black it's the string rotated around the Z axis, in red it's the string rotated around the Z and X axes and in blue it's the string rotated around Z, X and Y axes.

demo - script to make the plot (701 Bytes) Anonymous, 2012-10-25 07:05

demo.eps - plot (24.9 KB) Anonymous, 2012-10-25 07:05

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#1 Updated by Remko almost 9 years ago

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I see what you mean. To accomplish what you have managed to do, you have to tweak the projection (-p parameters) to get it done, rather than more "straightforward" ways using the +F+a+j options available to pstext.

I must add that I've experimented with things similar to this before (see issue #182) but then ran into some limitations of our transformation matrix approach to texts. For example, you can never actually "see the text from the back" when viewing angles are such that that would be the case. The text simply would not mirror-image.

I'm willing to try again at least with those limitations.

#2 Updated by Anonymous almost 9 years ago

aaaaaaaah! OK Remko, if it isn't possible don't waste your time! I always can do some tricks, only I was asking for this feature because "ordinary people" only want to do their map quick and easy.

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