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gmtselect treatment of line segments

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When a multi-segment file with line-segments is processed, what should happen if a part of a segment is inside the selected region/polygon:
1) Pass the entire segment
2) Pass just the points of the segment that are inside
3) Clip segment at boundary, possibly splitting segments into many segments
4) All points must be inside for segment to pass.

Seems we need a new option to control what is meant by "inside" for lines, and possibly the same for polygons?

selectlines.pdf (7.85 KB) Paul, 2014-06-06 14:20


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Resolution to this old issue: Since records in gmtselect are read one at the time it is not possible to do what was requested as options (1) and (4) above without a complete i/o rewrite. Option (2) remains the default action, shown in the bottom plot in the attached graph. Basically, input data are considered as individual points. Option (3) however can instead be achieved via gmtspatial -T (add -Fl for lines). Since we wish gmtselect to handle huge datasets we will retain the idea of reading record by record. In v 5.2, r13275.

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Closing this issue for now.

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