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I'm a regular user of the psmeca and pspolar packages and am returning to this list after a long time off.

My first question is related to this psmeca option from the man page:

Plots the nodal planes and outlines the bubble which is transparent. If num_of_planes is
0: both nodal planes are plotted;
1: only the first nodal plane is plotted;
2: only the second nodal plane is plotted.

I would like to see a fourth option added here where none of the nodal planes get plotted. I'd like to make a plot showing just the P and T axes for many focal mechanisms at once without any nodal lines, but so far I can't seem to turn them off. Is it possible?

In the pspolar package, I'd like to be able to move the station label text associated with the -T option. For example:

echo "102 290.6021 115.8611 -" | pspolar -JX10 -R0/4/0/4 -D2/2 -M10 -Ss.2 -N -e0 -f0 -W2/0 -T0/0/5/8 > out.ps

I'd like to move the station label 102 around using a -D type option found in other gmt programs. It seems there is no flexibility to do this yet or at least I can't figure it out.


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Sorry the long delay. meca is likely to be rewritten in 2014 and we will consider your feature request at that time.

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