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Asymmetrical error bars in psxy

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psxy only supports symmetrical error bars, i.e., +/- 1 sigma. However, some data have uncertainties stated as y -dy1/+dy2. While I can script a solution to this (plot a tiny point at the midpoint of the bar and then plot the actual y-value separately, it would be nice if psxy -E could handle such cases directly. It would mean that two, rather than one, columns would be required to pass the -dy1, +dy2 bounds. Perhaps add an optional modifier +a[x|y] to the -E option: The +a means the specified error bar is asymmetrical and we should read two columns; the optional x|y are needed in case both x and y errors are given and we need to specify which (or both) have asymmetrical errors.


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This is great! I propose a new feature, and then some days later I implement it....

Asymmetrical error bars can now be used by appending + to either the x, y, or both. While -E alone will continue to set both x and y error bar (symmetrical), -E+ alone now sets asymmetrical error bars for both x and y. Obviously, each asymmetrical error bar now requires two rather than one input column, In r12869.

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Closing this issue.

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