Feature #495

grdfft - Inverse Fourier

Added by Barrett about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

Status:FeedbackStart date:2014-01-26
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Target version:Candidate for next minor release


As discussed with Paul in Forum, I would like to request that grdfft has the ability to output results from an inverse fourier transform to a grid.

I have a grid and have exported the Real and Imaginary components to separate grids with grdfft -N+z switches and then have then performed processes on them.

What I wish to do now is an inverse FFT and would hope this wouldnt be that hard to add to the grdfft routine.




#1 Updated by Paul about 4 years ago

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It would seem all that is required is a new option that will read two specified grids as real/imag (instead of two different real datasets), then bypass the FFT that is normally applied, and set wave numbers as they are given in the grid. What follows should then be the same, possibly requiring a "do nothing" operator. So I will have a look once I find time.

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