Bug #514

Can not build GMT5 on AIX system using xlc and xlC compilers

Added by Yongjun over 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:2014-02-12
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Target version:Candidate for next minor release
Affected version:all Platform:other


When built GMT5 on AIX system using xlc and xlC compilers, I got the following error messages:
[ 9%] Building C object src/CMakeFiles/gmtlib.dir/common_sighandler.c.o
"gmt-5.1.0/src/common_sighandler.c", line 144.21: 1506-022 (S) "rip" is not a member of "struct __jmpbuf".
"gmt-5.1.0/src/common_sighandler.c", line 163.87: 1506-045 (S) Undeclared identifier sys_siglist.

How can I solve this problem? Thank you very much!


#1 Updated by Paul over 7 years ago

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This section of GMT is very non-portable, with different structure members and approaches on different non-Linux systems. Would you be able to help determine what changes would need to be done to work on AIX? See common_sighandler.c and the various #define statements hear the top to abstract out this ugly behavior. If you are able to find another #ifdef AIX (not sure what the name is) and define a proper UC_IP function then let us know. None of us have access to AIX.
An alternative is to add an #else clause to do something benign and basically disable this aspect of the code (instead of not compiling as now).

#2 Updated by Paul over 7 years ago

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Did not notice this was posted under GMT FORTRAN API. I'm moving it to the main GMT tracking since it is a problem in GMT, not the Fortran API. I am also flagging it as a bug since it causes failure to install. And finally, passing the baton to Florian.

#3 Updated by Florian over 7 years ago

In the next release additional tests should ensure that sighandler can be compiled (r12484). Meanwhile, the easiest way to solve this is to disable the signal handler altogether by adding


in ConfigUser.cmake

#4 Updated by Florian almost 7 years ago

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