Bug #519

The behavior of -i and -o

Added by Paul about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

Status:FeedbackStart date:2014-02-17
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Target version:Candidate for next minor release
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While the new -i and -o options makes lots of neat things possible, there are some inconsistencies and limitations that should be addressed:

  1. While the -o option allows repeated columns (e.g., -o3,3,3) the -i fails quietly
  2. While the -i option accepts optional scaling and offsets of column values, the -o does not.

Fixing these glitches would allow for more flexibility.


#1 Updated by Remko about 4 years ago

Isn't this a feature rather than bug request?

#2 Updated by Paul about 4 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Feedback

I am not sure. You could certainly argue that -o2,3s0.1 would be a new feature. WIth -i2,3,2,3 I think it is unclear given the documentation. Either we should add error message that repeated cols are not allowed, or fix the problem and handle them. So that might be either a documentation/usage bug or an actual bug.
In the interest of March 1st we could decouple the two and push the -o upgrade to 5.2 but deal with -i now. If time runs out we could just give an error now and work on an upgrade for 5.2.

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