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Affected version:5.1.x Platform:Linux


Sometimes (not always) gmtsimplify connects start and end points of previously opened contours.
command : gmt gmtsimplify contours_orig.txt -T0.00001m -V -fg > contours_simpl.txt
Contours are in lat/long.
See the pictures : contours_original - original contours after grdcontour
contours_simplified - same contours after simplification.

contours_original.png - original contours after grdcontour (466 KB) Peeter, 2014-07-03 20:26

contours_simplified.png - same contours after simplification. (327 KB) Peeter, 2014-07-03 20:26


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Could you possibly attach the contours_orig.txt file so I can have a look? If possible, a subset that still shows the problem would be even better.
You say sometimes: Do you mean that this particular command is not repeatable (sometimes fails, sometimes not) or that it depends on the data set?

#2 Updated by Peeter about 7 years ago

Compressed size of this file is 71 MB, so I can not add it to this thread. Subset may not show the problem - I can not check this right now.
So I added the file to dropbox and can share it, but I need some email address for that.
Alternatively I can upload the file to some ftp site.

Under repeatability I mean different contour files - I have not seen any problems in some smaller areas.
I have such file also available for comparison (contours_orig_ok.txt).

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OK, send link to

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Got them, you can remove them from Dropbox if you'd like. Late here in Hawaii, will have a look tomorrow.

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Input had a mix of polygons and lines and gmtsimplify got confused and forced all to be closed polygons. For some reasons I was thinking of gmtconnect so it took a while to mentally realize this was a much simpler bug than I first thought. In r13321.

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Closing this as fixed.

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