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pscoast no plot/memory error

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My command invoking pscoast with an azimuthal projection
trying to plot a hemisphere centred on a point in Asia
fails in v. 5.1.1 but not in v. 4.5.12.
Here is a test command that I wrote to illustrate the problem.
pscoast -Ja30.0/30.0/90.0/1.4/100.0 -Rg -B30/30WESN -A5000 -Dc -G40/255/128 -S100/200/255 -W > jjpscoast.ps
gives this:
pscoast (gmt_radial_boundary_arc): Error: Could not reallocate memory [68719476736.00 Gb, 9223372036854775806 items of 8 bytes]
If I eliminate the -G and -S options then it runs to completion but all the co-ordinates in the postscript file are zero. In V. 4.5.12 it worked OK. Test script below also contains the error messages. I appreciate that the coastlines at the edge of this hemispherical projection are going to be very distorted.

jjpscoast.gmt (759 Bytes) Sheila, 2014-08-15 00:48


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I dont understand your -Ja option. -Ja expects scale and you are giving it 100? It does not seem to match the requirements:

       -Ja|A<lon0>/<lat0>[/<horizon>]/<scale (or radius/lat)|width> (Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area)

Yours is

so horizon is 90, radius is 1.4, and scale is 100? With 100 inches or cm per degree, this plot would be enormous, hence your memory messages, no?

#2 Updated by Sheila about 7 years ago

Thanks. I still can't get it to work with -Ja - I clearly don't understand the documentation ("man gmt") - but it works with JA30.0/30.0/90.0/14.0 so I will go with that. I thought that what I had put was correct, i.e. that the final 1.4/100 represented "radius/lat" i.e. radius of plot = 1.4 cm out to oblique latitude 100 deg.

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AH. looks like GMT does not like a radius/lat with lat > 90. But you are right that this should be in the 0-180 range, not -90/90. Will look into fixing this.

#4 Updated by Paul about 7 years ago

Actually, the problem is that you are giving a colatitude (0-180) while we are requesting an oblique latitude (-90/90). If you instead give -10 instead of your 100 things work fine.

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We bave decided to stick with the long-time practice of specifying radius/lat instead of scale, in which radius is the projected distance on the map from the projection center to a particular oblique latitude around that center. Hence, an oblique latitude is given in the -90 to +90 range, We have added a check that if anything > 90 is given (a colatitude) we now give an error. This should prevent cases like yours from crashing and give a meaningful error message. In r13470.

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Closing this issue as no more feedback.

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