Bug #637

mapproject error with output binary files

Added by John almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:2014-10-31
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Target version:Candidate for next bugfix release
Affected version:5.1.1 Platform:Mac OS X


I just went through the entire Trac list to see whether this one had been reported before, and I didn't see it.

The error involves reporting columns > col 1 to a output binary data set, after a transformation has been made. It works fine with non-binary output, but reports zeros for cols > 1 in output binary files.

Example. Consider this little three-line data set (t0a.xyz):

351.701    50.5566    57.6687
351.699    50.5644    57.67
351.698    50.5706    57.6731

When passing it through mapproject using this command, in this case, with no binary conversion:

gmt mapproject t0a.xyz -Js-45/90/70/1:1 -R/-180/180/30/90 -Fk -C

yields just what is expected:

2655.39    -3562.35    57.6687
2654.7    -3561.68    57.67
2654.18    -3561.12    57.6731

Everything's good!

Now, let's convert the output to binary, via:

gmt mapproject t0a.xyz -bo2d,1f -Js-45/90/70/1:1 -R/-180/180/30/90 -Fk -C > t0b.bin

Now, examining the output binary file via the command:

gmt gmtconvert t0b.bin -bi2d,1f

2655.39    -3562.35    0
2654.7    -3561.68    0
2654.18    -3561.12    0

Oops. The third column got set to zero!

FYI, I have a MacPorts installation with 5.1.1 (r12968) running on OSX10.7.5 (Lion).


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This was fixed some time after 5.1.1 release; it is not a problem in trunk. 5.1.2 will be released next month, or install via svn.

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Closing this as fixed earlier.

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