Feature #706

NetCDF _FillValue bug is now fixed: eventually remove work-around code

Added by Florian over 3 years ago.

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This is a reminder to eventually remove the work-around code in source:trunk/src/gmt_nc.c@14298#L586 that was introduced in r13081 due to a bug in NetCDF.

The NetCDF _FillValue bug (upstream bug report: https://bugtracking.unidata.ucar.edu/browse/NCF-187) was fixed in source on 2015-04-02. The current NetCDF version (, released in February 2015, is the last with this bug.

One way to deal with this safely would be to wait a few NetCDF release cycles, say until NetCDF-4.4 is well established in major Linux distributions, and then require this version in FindNETCDF.cmake.

Associated revisions

Revision 10399
Added by Florian about 6 years ago

Fix strided reading of large netcdf files.

Revision 11959
Added by Joaquim about 5 years ago

netCDF bug 187 is still alive at netcdf-4.3

Revision 13081
Added by Joaquim over 4 years ago

Implement the trick of renaming the _FillValue as suggested by NCF-133 to work-around the long lasting netCDF bug NCF-187

Revision 14298
Added by Florian over 3 years ago

Add reminder to remove code.

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