Bug #780

psxy generates unnecessarily large .ps file with many entirely clipped polygons

Added by James almost 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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I'm plotting a large number of polygons, many of which lie outside the clip region. This results in a lot of spurious postscript commands:

% Segment header: -Z336.447
{1 0.769 0 C} FS
% Temporarily set FO to P for complex polygon building
/FO {P}!
% Perimeter polygon for fill only
% Reset FO and fill the path
/FO {fs os}!
% etc.

I've dug into the code and found that the redefinition of FO is coming from GMT_geo_polygons.

While this isn't a general solution, moving the redefinition into GMT_geo_polygon after the clipping check allows me to generate plots in about half the time. Removing the redefinition of FO entirely allows me to generate plots in about 1/6th of the time.

Further, it would be even better if we didn't set the fill color for an entirely clipped polygon, too.


#1 Updated by Paul almost 6 years ago

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Eliminating unncessesary commands in the PS is a worthy goal, and we will have a look. However, I am curious how many polygons you have. Each clipped polygon would write
/FO {P}! /FO {fs os}! FO
to the file that we should ry to exclude [the rest are comments that by default is off]. How do you get a factor of 6? Are you saying the unnecessary commands are slowing down ghostscript?

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I've avoid using GMT_geo_line and rewritten the polygon routines so that we only write those commands when the polygon is inside the region. in r14952 (GMT 5.2), let me know if other issues.

#3 Updated by James almost 6 years ago

Yes, I should have been clearer: the slowdown comes when running ps2pdf. Thanks for the quick turnaround, I will try this out and let you know. I'm plotting heatmaps for data on arbitrary 2D meshes, the largest of which have about 8 million cells.

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Closing this as fixed.

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