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GMT requests xmax>xmin and ymax>ymin in option -Rxmin/xmax/ymin/ymax

Added by Florian over 6 years ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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Either xmax==xmin or ymax==ymin should be allowed in option -Rxmin/xmax/ymin/ymax as in

grd2xyz grid.nc -R0/0/-1/1
grd2xyz grid.nc -R-1/1/0/0


#1 Updated by Paul over 6 years ago

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Yes, but it will require some changes. E.g., for grid-registered grids, even -R0/0/0/0 should be allowed, but not for pixel-registration. So that is one distinction. The other is that for setting up map regions and projections, -R0/0/0/0 etc cannot be allowed. Right now the parse_R_option function checks that west is not ⇐ east etc. I think we need to

1. Relax that to check that west is not < east and south is not < north only, i..e, west east and/or south north should pass at that stage.
2. GMT_map_setup initializes projections and that is the place to impose the east > west and north > south condition for mapping
3. GMT_check_lattice is used to ensure -R -I is sane for grids and that is where we can impose the -R restriction for grids.
4. I think there are places in the code where east west and south north is used as a flag to indicate that no region was set and we should default to global -Rg or something. That has to change.

Other than that I think it will be smooth sailing.

#2 Updated by Paul over 5 years ago

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I am changing this into a feature request as it is not a bug as is.

#3 Updated by Joaquim 3 months ago

Very mature and ready to close this issue, right?

#4 Updated by Paul 3 months ago

I think nothing has happened on this. I think it should be possible to use such as -R to create a grid, for instance. We will migrate this issue.

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