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Fancy in linear projections

Added by Joaquim about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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The fancy MAP_FRAME_TYPE should work also for linear projections, but it doesn't. Is there a reason for that, or simply it was never implemented?

gmt psbasemap -R0/100/0/100 -Ba -P -JX10 --MAP_FRAME_TYPE=fancy >

Capture.PNG (542 KB) Joaquim, 2016-01-19 11:01


#1 Updated by Remko about 4 years ago

It's intensionally not there of -JX. "fancy", with the black-white-blocked border, is meant to mimic what is seen on geographical maps only.

#2 Updated by Joaquim about 4 years ago

I had complaints of its absence this after-noon when trying to plot a map with a UTM projected grid where the -JX was used.
I think we should allow that. It's not up to us to censor the use of this feature.

#3 Updated by Paul about 4 years ago

Well, we do censor things to avoid the user doing stupid things in GMT and make us look lame. For instance, we resist users who wish to label maps with gratuitous "longitude" and "latitude" labels. The checker board frame is only ever used for geographic maps. Of course, you can turn your Cartesian data into geographic by appending "d" to the -J option but only if your data range is within geographic limits, e.g.

psbasemap -R0/30/0/30 -JX5id -P -Baf >

works fine for fancy frame while
psbasemap -R0/30/0/300 -JX5id -P -Baf >

will tell you a thing or two about latitudes.

#4 Updated by Joaquim about 4 years ago

Well, the attached image looks nice to me and I don't feel comfortable telling users they should not do it.

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