Bug #852

Polar caps leaves gaps when projection has curved map boundaries at the poles.

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As per Kara Matthews forum message, polar caps (polygons that contain one of the geographic poles) are not properly clipped and filled when the map boundary is arcuate, such as for Hammer, Mollweide, etc. I have added a new test to ensure this problem remains flagged until fixed. The attached plot illustrates the simple for both the south and north poles.

curvedmap_caps.pdf (15.3 KB) Paul, 2016-01-30 21:53

Hammer.mp4 (897 KB) Paul, 2016-02-03 15:52


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I have fixed this problem in 5.2.2 and trunk, for r15557. I have tested it for all the global projections and for a wide range of central longitudes and for both clockwise and counter-clockwise polar caps for north and south pole. E.g., see movie for the Hammer projection attached. The new test script (the initial figure above) now passes as well.
It is of course possible some case I have not consider will break the new algorithm so please upgrade and test it with a wider range of polygons.

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