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Custom Plot Symbol command "A" (arc) requires diameter instead of radius as argument

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When plotting an arc segment in a custom symbol the documentation states that the arc command requires, among others, r. My experimentation shows however, that it seems to be rather the circles' diameter d than r.

For illustration I built a custom plot symbol using r=0.5 in the definition for the red quarter pie slice in the N-E quadrant and r=1 for the green quarter pie slice in the S-W quadrant. The blue vertical line is 1 unit long. I would have expected the red slice to have the appearance of the green slice. When compared to the blue line, the red r used for plotting appears to be 0.25 instead of 0.5.

Cropped screenshot of test script

Therefore I suspect the documentation to be erroneous in table custsymb. on page 265 in chapter 25.2.3 Macro commands of GMT_Docs.pdf Release 5.2.1 as it lists r instead of d as required argument for arc.

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arc_issue.png - Cropped screenshot of test script (10.9 KB) Kristof, 2016-03-15 10:27

arc_issue.sh Magnifier - Test script showing the behavior (497 Bytes) Kristof, 2016-03-15 10:35


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Thanks, fixed in r15887.

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Fixed, closing.

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