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GMT5.3 rotconverter behavior

Added by Chenjian almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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5.3 rotconverter's behavior is different from 5.2.2.

For example, using 5.2.2 the following line works:

rotconverter BAL-EUR EUR-NAM

It doesn't for 5.3 any more (

rotconverter EUR-NAM
works though).

Sincerely, Chenjian


#1 Updated by Paul almost 5 years ago

Aren't you missing an operator? You need a plus or minus between those two rotations.

#2 Updated by Chenjian almost 5 years ago

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your reply. So here to calculate rotations for Baltica relative to a fixed North America using the plate circuit Baltica-Europe-NorthAmerica, based on a rotations database, as the last example shown in the rotconverter doc, it can be

gmt rotconverter BAL-EUR EUR-NAM
. I also tried
gmt rotconverter BAL-EUR + EUR-NAM
in 5.3, but still this
rotconverter: Error: Could not find rotations for the plate pair BAL - EUR
pops out. In 5.2.2, it works since there is indeed rotation data between BAL-EUR, although for younger times BAL and EUR are fixed to each other.
Sincerely, Chenjian

#3 Updated by Joaquim almost 5 years ago

Just a side note to clarify that there are not (yet) GMT5.3 and there was never (nor will be) a GMT5.2.2 versions.

#4 Updated by Paul almost 5 years ago

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Just to confirm that the BAL-EUR is in the Gplates table but it is a null rotation:

302  0.0    0.0    0.0    0.0  301 !BAL-EUR Baltic Shield-Northern European Craton
302 231.0    0.0    0.0    0.0  301 !BAL-EUR        

and I think rotconverter (now) skips null rotations. I will have a look. Meantime you just ignore using BAL-EUR since it would do nothing.

#5 Updated by Paul almost 5 years ago

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We now allow null-rotations to be loaded again. In r17215.

#6 Updated by Joaquim almost 5 years ago

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