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Verbose level too high for PSL warnings

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If the user selects basic verbosity (-V) then for most grdimage jobs one will get messages like

Warning: Too many colors to make colormap - using 24-bit direct color instead.
DEFLATE compressed 7560000 to 299107 bytes (96.0% savings at compression level 5)

These are really low-level warnings for decisions that has no effect on the quality of the plot and only worries users who see them fly by. They also make it harder to see more serious messages typically given under -V. I propose these be downgraded to the long-verbose category, i.e. -Vl.

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Added by Paul over 1 year ago

Use uniform verbosity enums in postscriptlight and gmt, see issue #986


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There is a notation problem here. First, note that postscriptlight inherits the verbosity setting from GMT (i.e., gmt_plot.c, line 5402):

    PSL->internal.verbose = GMT->current.setting.verbose;        /* Inherit verbosity level from GMT */

However, the two softwares do not have identical verbose levels. In GMT, we export these API constants:

enum GMT_enum_verbose {GMT_MSG_QUIET = 0,  /* No messages whatsoever */
    GMT_MSG_NORMAL,                        /* Default output, e.g., warnings and errors only */
    GMT_MSG_TICTOC,                        /* To print a tic-toc elapsed time message */
    GMT_MSG_COMPAT,                        /* Compatibility warnings */
    GMT_MSG_VERBOSE,                       /* Verbose level */
    GMT_MSG_LONG_VERBOSE,                  /* Longer verbose */
    GMT_MSG_DEBUG};                        /* Debug messages for developers mostly */

while in postscriptlight we use

enum PSL_enum_verbose {PSL_MSG_QUIET = 0,    /* No messages whatsoever */
    PSL_MSG_FATAL,        /* Fatal errors */
    PSL_MSG_TICTOC,        /* To print a tic-toc elapsed time message */
    PSL_MSG_COMPAT,        /* Compatibility warnings */
    PSL_MSG_NORMAL,        /* Warnings level -V */
    PSL_MSG_VERBOSE,          /* Longer verbose, -Vl in some programs */
    PSL_MSG_DEBUG};        /* Debug messages for developers mostly */

It is confusing that PSL_MSG_NORMAL is the same as GMT_MSG_VERBOSE and PSL_MSG_VERBOSE is GMT_MSG_LONG_VERBOSE. I will modify PSL to use the same names. Next, I will up the verbosity for the above cases to require LONG_VERBOSE.

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Completed, in r17303.

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Closed as fixed.

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