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Postscript filling patterns

Added by Michael about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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GMT for now can use only 2-color bitmap patterns for area filling. This is artifical restriction because PostScript allow using any code as filling pattern with any number of colors. I propose to add the ability to use custom PostScript patterns, as has been done for custom symbols. I think this is rather simple task, because all you need is to replace /PaintProc entry in the pattern dictionary. I attach the example of psxy output there GMT-generated /PaintProc replaced on my variant.

postscript_pattern.ps (22.8 KB) Michael, 2016-11-08 03:29


#1 Updated by Joaquim about 1 year ago

Hi Michael,

Since you seamed to have already coded it, can you submit a patch that implements this feature?

#2 Updated by Michael about 1 year ago

Sorry, I can't. I created this by edition of the PostScript code, not GMT code.

#3 Updated by Paul about 1 year ago

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It is worth looking into but not a high priority yet. Some years ago I did test out a new PostScript pattern scheme by following the Abobe PS Red book and it worked fine. But Adobe Illustrator was unable to parse their own damned PostScript examples [improving freeform PS import in AI is an extremely low priority for Adobe]. And then we get the blame for "Bad" GMT PostScript. So I am a bit leery of jumping in the second time. Once bitten, twice pissed off.

#4 Updated by Michael about 1 year ago

I don't know anything about Adobe Illustrator, but I check my example in Inkscape. It can be open and looks fine. Export to svg also works, I check this svg in firefox.

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