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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1282GMTBugNewHighplot of polygon fill using psxy2020-01-23 06:41
1281GMTFeatureNewNormalgpsgridder -N option2019-12-25 03:01
1279GMTSARBugNewNormalgmt.h missed during trying make GMTSAR2019-08-14 21:52
1278GMTSARBugNewNormalp2p_processing.csh cannot start from geocodeDavid2019-07-15 23:09
1277GMTSARBugNewNormal5.7 installed with Homebrew can't run Sentinel-1A SWATH2019-07-11 19:35
1276GMTSARFeatureNewNormalS1 - StripMap recipe2019-04-22 00:20
1275GMTFeatureNewNormalmgd77list -Am2/4 says it returns mgfx - igrf but really returns mgfx - igrf or mgfx + diur - igrf2019-04-05 12:33
1273GMTSARBugNewNormalMaking interferograms2019-02-09 07:47
1265GMTSARBugNewNormalpreproc_batch_tops_esd deletes baseline table.dat2018-08-23 01:09
1261GMTBugIn ProgressNormalland shading over the pole2018-08-11 10:55
1260GMTBugIn ProgressNormalgrdview does not correctly handle periodicity at polesPaul2018-07-29 12:25
1256GMTFeatureResolvedNormalCustom symbols: Make all input columns available inside the symbol for conditional testingPaul2019-04-19 09:02
1248GMTBugIn ProgressNormalproject -N yields unexpected resultsPaul2018-06-06 13:38
1246GMTFeatureFeedbackNormalWe should be able to cut images as well2018-05-29 10:31
1244GMTSARBugNewHigh-atm S1A and S1B2019-07-02 02:15
1243GMTFeatureNewNormalLet greenspline and gpsgridder export and import Green's function coefficientsPaul2018-05-07 15:18
1238GMTSARBugFeedbackNormalMaybe potential bugs for the next version2018-06-29 09:51
1234GMTSARBugFeedbackHighInstallation error2018-04-16 09:07
1229GMTBugFeedbackNormalpsmeca color spilling over + modifying text string2020-01-03 16:40
1226GMTBugIn ProgressNormalpsxy with -Sq ignores the font outline attributes for curved textPaul2018-05-28 12:09
1219GMTFeatureNewNormalImprovements to greenspline2018-03-16 10:11
1217GMTSARBugNewNormalDid I install it successfully?2018-03-13 19:05
1213GMTFeatureFeedbackNormalNew modes of text renderingRemko2018-05-30 02:12
1203GMTBugIn ProgressNormalgrdcontour v4 vs v5 differencesPaul2018-02-25 21:45
1198GMTSARBugNewNormalshift_topo does not work correctly for Sentinel-12018-02-14 16:28

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