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Documentation provided herein is intended to assist with utilizing the along-track and cross-over analysis tools released via the Generic Mapping Tools under the GNU General Public License. Example scripts are illustrative and should not be construed as presciptive. Adjustment of the commands will be necessary in order to achieve the desired result.

Section I. Along-track Analysis Documentation

  • System configuration
  • E77 errata format specification
  • Creating/Using E77 errata tables
  • MGD77 supplement man pages
  • X2SYS supplement man pages
  • GMT man pages

    Section II. Example Code:

    These were derived for the Seagoing Scientist's Toolbox [8] and Producing marine geophysical archive file [9] publications but can potentially assist in other applications.

    Section IIa. Archive file assembly (Data records / Header / Magnetic Reduction / Gravity Reduction)

  • ship2mgd77: Produce MGD77T/MGD77+ archive files from raw underway geophysical data (source code)

  • KM1609 Day 342: Sample raw underway geophysical data for testing archive file production (download 7.5 MB)

    Section IIb. At sea quality control

    2.1 Along-track analysis

  • See Section I and Section 2.4 SCRIPT A.

    2.2 Cross-over analysis

  • LINK: Tools for analyzing intersecting tracks: The x2sys package
  • LINK: X2SYS supplement man pages

    2.3 Sonar processing

  • LINK: MB-System
  • LINK: SURVEY Tools

    2.4 Data visualization

  • SCRIPT A: Building a candidate archive file, automating along-track analysis, and preparing KML wiggles for display in Google Earth
  • SCRIPT B: Creating gravity and magnetic anomaly wiggles for display in Google Earth
  • SCRIPT C: Creating a KML navigation log
  • SURVEY COMMAND (To create ship position KML): survey shipposition
  • SURVEY COMMAND (To update waypoint KML): survey waypoints -k
  • SURVEY COMMAND (To create ship speed PDF): survey shipspeed
  • SURVEY COMMAND (To create magnetic anomaly PDF): survey magnetics
  • SURVEY COMMAND (To create gravity anomaly PDF): survey gravity
  • SURVEY COMMAND (To preprocess sonar data and create sonar KML): survey swath2kml -a A

    2.5 Automation at sea

  • SCRIPT A: Create an auto-refreshing KML container
  • SCRIPT B: Loop for iteratively building archive file as new data come in
  • CRONTAB: Update KML layers and PDF plots at fixed time intervals, from KM1609 survey
  • Relevant Citations:

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