GMT 5.2.1 released Nov. 12, 2015

We are pleased to annouce the release of GMT version 5.2.1. This latest version combines almost 200 new features and improvements with all bug fixes applied to the 5.1.x series. See the documentation for specific features.
Added by Paul about 3 years ago

While the GMT 5.1-series has seen bug-fixes since its release, new features were
only added to the 5.2-series. All in all, almost 200 new features (a combination
of new programs, new options, and broad enhancements) have been implemented.
Here is a summary of these changes in six key areas:

  1. New modules
  2. New common options
  3. New default parameters
  4. Updated common options
  5. General improvements
  6. Program-specific improvements

Please see the CookBook section 5 for all the details.